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Unleashing Your Inner Light: Overcoming Social Anxiety

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Are you constantly burdened by social anxiety? Do you try to change certain things about yourself depending on who you’re around so that they like you? Are you always wondering if you’re smart enough, beautiful enough, good enough, just enough? I can relate. If you were to meet me today, you would meet a person who doesn’t think twice to speak her mind and present herself authentically. If you had met me through my teens and

early twenties, you would have met a people pleasing, self-doubting, and overly cautious person. I really spent so much time conforming to what I thought others wanted from me. Like.. so much time.

The problem with focusing on the needs of others before your own is that it just isn’t sustainable. It’s exhausting, it brings about unhappiness, and it stops yo

u from moving forward on the path meant for you. In order to achieve true connection, you have to be authentic. There isn’t a way around it. Lacking connection with others is painful to us, but even worse is “connecting” to others superficially and based on a false identity. Connection of the soul can only happen when we are courageous enough to be h

onest about who we are, no matter the circumstance.

Being radically transparent will quickly eliminate people in your life who do not align with your true self. That is likely to be painful at first, but it’s ultimately one of the greatest decisions you could ever make. It takes significantly less time and en

ergy to be honest. You don’t have to think twice about how you’re presenting yourself, you don’t have to run through exhausting mental scripts, and you can use the energy saved on searching for deeper levels of consciousness and connection. In the long run, you don’t really want to be around people who you feel the need to change for. Your circle may get smaller, but it’ll be your circle, with people who accept and love you for who you are.

By the way, overcoming social anxiety, learning to not change who you are to people please, and sharing your true self with the world is easier said than done. It is a practice. It requires consistently stepping outside of your comfort zone, facing rejection, and lots of vulnerability. But imagine life unafraid, confident in who you are no matter the room you’re in.

As an olympic level people pleaser, I’ve experienced all of the above mindset blocks. Fortunately, my life took a transformative turn when I deep dived into my personal development journey. I started listening to motivational YouTube videos on the way to work every day, I started reading books that focused on personal growth, and I started following inspirational and educational accounts on Instagram. I basically a

djusted all of the content I consumed to help me grow. I also searched for a supportive community of women who inspired me to be my best self and I released the relationships that I felt were holding me back. Lastly, I implemented everything I was learning in my day to day life. I set boundaries around my needs and practiced being vocal about my goals and desires. These steps paved the way for a shift in my confidence and created space for my inner

beauty to radiate. This continues to be a practice in my life and will continue to be for the rest of my life.

In just the first week of Her Extraordinary Light Workshop, we dive headfirst into examining our belief systems. By understanding the roots of our limiting beliefs, we

gain the power to challenge and overcome them. This process sets the foundation for our personal growth, as we learn to connect with our highest selves. This deep connection allows us to tap into our true potential, harness our unique strengths, and foster self-acceptance. By aligning our actions with our authentic selves, we embark on a transformative journey towards inner fulfillment.

If social anxiety, people pleasing, or a lack of confidence has been holding y

ou back, it's time to break free and embrace your true self. Join us in Her Extraordinary Light Workshop and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, confidence, and personal growth. Together, let's allow our inner light to shine.

The life you want wants you right back.

Sending you light,


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