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Host of The Extraordinary Light Podcast

Meet Adriana

Hi! My name is Adriana Zabarain. I host The Extraordinary Light podcast and Her Collective, an annual conference highlighting women owned businesses. I've spent the last 4+ years in the marketing and corporate strategy space, I hold a masters in psychology, and I've got an expertise in people strategy. I'm also a former Miami Heat Dancer, an experience that was the result of 10 years of highly focused energy. 

 All of my work is centered around two things: Connection and Strategy. Connection to ourselves, our higher power, our work/mission, and to each other. Strategy in driving us towards our goals, whether those are corporate strategic initiatives or personal development driven goals. 

Connection and Strategy Coach
The Extraordinary Light Podcast offers motivation, inspiration, and practical steps to help you live in your extraordinary light. Adriana, along with featured peak-performers across all industries, share their stories, knowledge, and thought leadership.
Podcast Host

What Clients Say

"Adri is hands down the most inspirational coach I've ever had. You can feel her enthusiasm, you can just sense it. She loves to have a good time while also pushing you to be your best."

Ashley Glen

"Do not mistake movement with momentum and do not act without purpose."

Adriana Zabarain


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